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Farndon Racing has a wealth of resources to call upon to ensure you receive the right product at the right time and to budget. From enquiry to delivery you can be certain of working with knowledgeable people using the most modern equipment and materials. “A winning team, dedicated to ensuring your success.”


We offer a full design, development and manufacture service for crankshafts machined from solid steel billet, cast or forged material. All crankshafts manufactured are fully stress relieved and crack detected prior to shipping by Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) in accordance with BS6072. We also offer a full regrind service including MPI. Highly versatile manufacturing processes allow an infinite number of crankshafts configurations to be produced including:

Cylinders 2, 4, 5,6,8,10,12 or 16
Plane Single/Multi Straight, Flat or Vee
Max. Length 1,600 mm
Materials To suit application


Billet Any type of Crankshaft, Heat Treated to Raise Core Strength
Forged Farndon’s Own EN19 Lotus Twin Cam,
Customer’s Own or Special Order
Cast Customer’s Own or Special Order
Finish Nitrided to Depth Required
Balance Fully Balanced Ready For Installation
Inspection Full Metrology Service
Marking Engraved to Identify Origin

Standard Features

Custom Web Forms Including Wedging & Knife Edging, Heavy Metal Balancing, Splining, Gear Splining, Gear Cutting, Oilway Drilling (Pin to Main or Full Cross Drilled)



Fully machined from solid billet to your design or Farndon Racing specification. Lightweight or lightened designs available. Full crack detection available:

Material To suit application
Machining Precision drilled, lightened and balanced at your option
Finish Wearing surfaces fully hardened (if required) – Self colour or optional chemically blacked finish
Ring Gear Integral machined or heat shrunk starter ring gears available to suit


High Strength connecting rods available in ‘H’ or ‘I’ profiles in forged or fully machined styles.  
Full crack detection prior to shipping.

Forged High Strength, Low Cost

Own Brand ‘GAF’ for Ford Applications

Material BS 970 Gr 817 M40ET (EN24T)
Sizes Maximum 185mm Centres
Supplied Complete with small end bush, ARP end bolts and assembly compound

Fully Machined – High Strength, Low Weight

Profile Specially designed for optimum strength to weight ratio
Material From proprietary forged blanks or solid billet in BS 970 Gr 817 M40V (EN24V); Specially designed steels in solid billet; water cut titanium; aluminium – material specification is flexible to suit your individual requirements

Complete with small end bush, big end bolts by ARP and others. Shot peened to improve crack resistance

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